Against the Gods Manga has a unique story between two sisters. And after reading it, you can say that Life is unpredictable. You are told the crimes committed against the main character by the chapter, and it can make one's blood run cold. It reminds me of the Empress Lu of the Han Dynasty who purchased an atrocity. She was remembered to be given off to a priest who didn't have great prospect; to prevent the fate being dealt with the other daughter of the minister.

Providentially, the prince and the main character persevered and finally rose to become the emperor and empress of this property. Regrettably, for Li Wei Yang, the Emperor substituted her and in riches and his energy, forgot. Of all people, it had been her stepsister, the person who had been "rescued" out of marrying the prince all those years back; this could function as the replacement. Destroying bad and origin, even Wei Yang's son wasn't spared. Wei Yang herself was executed and tortured. In her dying breath, she chased her destiny... and then she awakened, to find herself back to all of those years back before she was remembered back with her distant loved ones, before ever meeting Tuo Ba Zhen at Cover the Sky . This ought to be an epic narrative of revenge.
But thinking about the topic matter and plotting a revenge for events which may not occur in her timeline? Can her activities that are new provoke animosities? We'll need to watch for translations of Against the Gods Manga to find out if her life's antagonists stay horrible and equally as vicious in this one. It really goes to show you just how deep grief and the hatred that the main character had in the conclusion of her timeline.

I have very substantial expectations of the narrative. Even if the antagonists technically have not done anything yet in this new deadline, it's a result of this heart-rending opening which claims to the reader which we ought to be all set for a calculative and cold-hearted main character who'd tear apart those that had chased her in her prior life. This, in my opinion, is one of my most favorite mangas all time. Highly recommend this manga online to anyone who wants some mangas with depth stories. It's about life, love, and death. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

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