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Doupo Cangqiong Manga  by Yuzuru Shino is a very enjoyable read. The author does not hesitate the least when the week begins inquiring on impulse. However, what if it turns out it can't be kept by you? What if you fall for the individual?

I expected a shounen ai. But I got much more. I got to see a genuine romance with views I feel what the characters were supposed to feel and could dive into the story myself. I can not put it into words from start to end, how much I loved this manga. First of all, let me praise the setting and ESPECIALLY the figures. The idea behind the key points of this series was what caught my attention along with the view on the characters' feelings change over the course of the narrative, however short it might be. It does not paint the story of the typical romance. We go with the characters through infatuation, admiration, anger, jealousy and naturally unconditional love side by side and I think that is beautiful.

We get to see each and every component of a love that is real and it builds up during a predetermined amount of time. We see how Yuzuru inquiries Seryou if he could be his date for the week for a gag, and in the point of the narrative, the majority of us would expect the so called "predictable" finish these two do not just go out to the week, but really fall for one another. 
It will. In the beginning of Doupo Cangqiong, you will most likely see right through it and think, "well, it is the exact unoriginal story". A few chapters in and you'll begin to re-think your statement. Sooner or later, you will surely begin to doubt the length of this story, begin to think "but wait, this is not how it is supposed to be!"

At first, you will undergo the same typical start of the protagonist being fascinated by the character in Read Manga Online  . We see Yuzuru respect Seryou from afar but it's not difficult to browse of it being more than just admiration through his facade. Is it plainly due to the fact he knows Seryou has a different partner each week? Or is it because he can not read his feelings over the situation and this individual?

Well, that I guess. As you might think initially, but the start is. The narrative makes pre- fascination's trope into something that makes you want to see more and catches your attention.

Along with the depiction of anger and jealousy was what interested me. We see when he hears about the woman that has contact with Seryou even though Yuzuru attempts to hold it back, his blood is boiling with anger. Whenever the woman comes we see the miscommunication between Seryou and Yuzuru. The "It is like that, right? The play in this series is not your romance drama where you stop minding it and will see through it. This will leave you anxious over not or if you'll really get your happy ending. It made me feel since the play prolonged into the last minute, as though it was not worth reading if I did not get the finish the characters deserved. It went on for so long and with an intensity, I was 90% convinced that this could be another one of these endings where it would be an end, but definitely not a one. In a nutshell, I was convinced that "Doupo Cangqiong" would tug and Spoiler] No.6 type of ending.

But if I was skeptical of the series did my evaluation of the series turned into a 10? No, not just because of the end, but because of the emotional roller coaster it took me and it solved well and all of it as it was. As my word about it, it will not let you down. I would recommend this manga online to everybody who wishes to experience a loving side and in the long run, feel the blessings and each. If you like to read manga online then go for it!

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