Diversifying Your Optimized Backlinks in 2016
In 2016 in all your search engine optimization and marketing efforts online you will need to diversify the sources of your traffic and where you build your backlinks to ensure the durability of your site's ranking and structure in the SERPs. While things change often enough in the SEO world, it is important to remember that some things always stay the same. the gate of good fortune  Some of those things are the importance of relevant, non-spam backlinks on relevant sites where your target audience or customers can see you, recognize your content as valuable and click on your site.
Connecting with Other Sites within your Niche
It is important to remember that contacting and connecting with other sites within your niche means you offer something of value and receive something of value to your own business. While you will hear that competitors should not be contacted, perhaps it is wise to understand that even competitors can work to mutual benefit without leaping at each other's throats at times. For non-competitive sites within your niche offer exchange of links or content or information or traffic in cooperation to mutual benefit.
Since the online world never forgets and rarely forgives, be honest in all your dealings with other site administrators and owners without trying to get something for nothing. Even nature frowns upon ingratitude and disrespect.
Connecting with Forums and Discussion Boards and Q&A sites
You can always sign up for forums and discussion boards where your niche topics and subtopics are talked about, mentioned, and discussed. Connect with your potential
audience by providing relevant and valuable information, data, advice, answers and leave your site's link in appropriate forum profile area, forum signature area, biography area or wherever it is allowed to post your link without infringing on the Terms of Service of specific forum, board in question.
Connecting with Video Platforms
Video sites are very hot right now since so many people use video formats to view, learn and see about different things, people, information, topics and this is where you can connect with your target audience by providing video content and posting to various platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and the like. Read the terms of service to ensure you are providing value to the sites and to your online audience there. SEO for videos is a bit different but the core basics are the same. ze tian ji  Familiarize yourself with how video SEO for different platforms works in a couple of hours. Use keywords in your video descriptions, tags and titles, and make sure you profiles are updated with your site's link and description and a bit about what you are brining to the video communities. Engage with other video contributors, learn about niches you can expand into and communicate with others to ensure your videos are seen as well. Build backlinks to the videos over time to ensure greater exposure and better ranking in the SERPs.
Connecting with Influencers in Your Niche