Consciousness which Becomes Our Reality
Give positive emotions and thoughts to your inner psyche by focusing on cultivating your inner world, inner garden with creative, inspired, pleasant, constructive suggestions, emotions, isekai de "kuro no iyashi te" tte yobarete imasu light novel  thoughts, images, visualizations. Don't search for love outside if you don't already have some of it within yourself and towards yourself. See and feel the love within you, the love towards life, towards the world, towards yourself, nature, creative forces, forgiveness, gratitude, joy and you will attract those emotions and visualizations in the outer world.
While it's true that there is negative in the world, and while I am not suggesting that you need to cut yourself entirely from all of it or ignore it or run away from it as if it is contagious, it's wise to understand that focusing only on the negative doesn't solve it nor does it help anyone. Too much attention in the form of thinking, feeling, seeing the negative will not transform it into positive or alleviate it or solve it. When you or anyone close to you has an issue, help them by giving some of your positive emotions, thoughts, and faith into solving, transforming or overcoming the issues at hand. Of course you can always consult professional medical consultations which will ensure help in facing, overcoming any past, present or future negativity at hand.
Thinking outside of the box of solely seeing problems from the perspective which caused the problem is the way out of the box. Any issue you have in your present life has been shaped, influenced, combat continent 2 light novel  attracted in part by our past or present thought patterns, intense emotions which helped materialize the problem. This doesn't mean that you are at fault for everything every happened or is happening to you because it does take two people or outside circumstances to