Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka manga - A Unique and Funny manga!

I have never seen such a manga author who can use plot twist greatly and can make the world interesting and unpredictable as good as Baba Okina. There are so many references from any Japanese string in this Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka Manga, but these references are so inferior if you are going to compare it to the blend of the elements in this manga. The general story in the first half is very predictable despite having an intelligent and complex way of survival and fighting.
Next is after the "Great War" where the story of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? has become a great deal more interesting than before. The second component is more likely experience then deal with it, but the most surprising thing in the second component was the overpowered abilities and development of Kumo. The adventures have enlarged, and some were fun enjoy fishing a dragon.
And the story has become unique and complex like the satirical moments like Wars due to Religion, then there is the growth of Kumo's EXP that's relatively comparable to EXECUTION POINTS, which paved the way for her development, and lastly Soul Hacking, read it if you would like to know. Apart from Kumo's Badass story, the side story of the normal Hero have become dark which sets the other stories into pity, there is so much dark and tragic twist though it's a negative story. Just imagine where your normal mc is living a simple life and then suddenly, his life turned into hell. There are so many incidents that have occurred during the Elf Battle, I wanna spoil so much about since it is too awesome and incredible, there is so much twist, shows, character development and finally Cliffhanger, but I shall leave it to you who are planning to read it.
The very best in this part is all about Kumo's complex features and development, the story about leveling up and grinding fulfilled its function, in short, it has gone, and the wonderful struggles of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? the manga was gone also but turned into War Against the Destruction of the planet. Now going back to this Post Elf Village narrative, the overall story of the post 'elf struggle' or the 3rd part has numerous personal development and twist, to make it easy there are many points of view and numerous stories in the third part of the series.
The storyline in the article called "Elf Battle" is mainly about the character development of the other reincarnated individuals from the demon side, or the allies of Kumo, since the Side Story of Shun the Hero is all about the story of the Human Side. This light manga is using the unorthodox skill of writing, in which the Timeline and the personal views are used in various ways, and the best part is there is no Flashback overly done that is mostly utilized to most series simply to make the plot complicated and understandable.
There is no issue in the technique, but when the reader can not get accustomed to the type of writer, then it is her/his own issue, since the used of several points of view and Distinct Timeline have become one of the signature literature technique of the book, and only few can do anything like this, such as Baccano, that is favorable to Readers who favors Creativity, Complex Placing, Smart writing, Unique development and balanced personality perspective, if the criticism was the technique, then the issue lies with the reader, not the publication.
This web manga has completely used its possible and has been able to present reasonable complex settings and managed to use its themes in a unique manner. And there is also a few satirical themes and terrific philosophies where the other string fails to perform, the best example was the changed from the reincarnated individuals, their perception of their previous world has changed so much in the world. If you haven't read it yet, then give this read manga online a try.

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