Read Douluo Dalu Novel Online

In many Manhua stories the supporting cast demoted as cheerleaders are relegated into the background or forgotten. But Douluo Dalu Novel  is different! Each friend has role and all of them work together as a team that is emphasized by the author, all given dialogue and their notable characteristics to make them stand out from each other.
As she's not just a pretty face, the love interest of the main character is one of the better ones in this genre.
The translation is top notch as well as the translator can be an example for the community.
Once the reader gets past the verbose style of writing, they is able to discover a story that's struggle, camaraderie, romance, action and tragedy. A good first choice for a person who wants to start reading novels that are Chinese. For seasoned readers, it remains a well written story that's the usual components of the genre.
This is one of the best light novel I've ever read for a long time and I will tell you why listed below.
- The first and the best reason is : Douluo Dalu’s strength is its characters. The only thing you need to be remember in this Xuanhuan Novel is a name. Everybody (who has a name) in this light novel are main characters. Everyone has a role, a remarkable story for themselves.
- The chapters are long.
- A large amount of characters that are unique. Makes the story become great.
- The MC isn't alone. Supported by teachers, his friends, and family.
- The MC makes his decisions and isn't stupid.
- The MC isn't fast to anger -developed in mind and character.
- Follows the tags, in addition to the listed genre well
- And for me, I love the romance in the storyline. The romance doesn't only include himself, but his friends also. So I like it the romance is very loyal. For individuals who like harem novel. haha. It gets my emotions. It does contain more in addition to a bit of comedic factor.

For more explanation of reason read below. There's a little of the character info in the bottom of the MC:
I was hooked and read the manhua. I LOVE the light novel as you are able to see the entire idea and understand more in the novel instead of the manhua since it is pictures and few words.
He does have "time skip" skill, but still it's a short time skip. Stays a time period of young adult life and his youth.
Overall, the whole character analysis, whether they're "good or bad", they don't lose or win simply (as in "oh, so freaking easy"). It's followed through many hard works, not by "I am naturally strong, I do not need to train". All characters in Douluo Dalu is reasonable, not random and are loyal. Every single character that's given a name has an importance in the novel. I highly recommend this! If you often Read Novel Online , do not miss it.