Maybe you all detest it so much, plus it's going to remain so beloved, but no one ever explains why it's good? For me, that is Orange Manga  which was adapted into animation, giving me an excuse to re-review it.

Facial structure and the lips do look a little more human than normal it is disturbing to watch and falls into the uncanny valley. The paneling is atrocious, although the manga has detailed art. There isn't any flow or structure to actions, as well as the literal panel space is even off, which is this kind of obvious aspect of a manga that you'd need to try to fuck it up. The backgrounds are scarce and often not even existent, making the whole thing feel lazy and empty. However, a lot was added by the directing in the anime to the first story, adding a little subtlety to characters through movements and such, and giving a coat of melancholy to all. It reminds me of another show recently that used directing that is great to bring a source that is lackluster to life: Re-Zero.

The characters in Orange lack any personality traits and are hollow. Teen Batman has no character traits other than those that my nickname that is sophomoric describes. Every other character acts as a plot device to ensure the audience knows that Naho is nice or to further the narrative and Kakeru is the best. Having somewhat finished Legend fleshed out the cast of over 70 characters, to its two protagonists is disappointing reviewing something with such little care.
The dialogue in the mangabat.com for Orange is forced, feeling like it's trying to get across a quote for what needs to happen in a chapter, rather than being an actual genuine conversation and dronish. The anime has a more natural feel to the dialogue, making it easier to watch.

Drama, rather than strong characters drive entirely orange, atmosphere or anything stupid like that. It exists to show drama, as well as is to see the next point of over the top drama.
Is drama of continuing to watch the series, the only driving force, but it's also created to make conflict to resolve. Hide important information from one another to make everything for them.

The final outcome of Orange rushed and is anticlimactic. It manages to make me hate the whole package more than I did, which impresses me.

The following paragraph is a massive spoiler. The series is lost. However, because of trying to fix a regret, that regret being failing to save him since he was saved by them, the series ends up contradicting itself. Reminiscent of Steins; Gate -face turn, rather than thematic incoherence.

I caught up into its run about the latest chapters on Orange, and after 3 years of shitty artwork and melodramatic emptiness, it concluded. After describing my hatred for it, I wrote a horrible, rambling, poorly written review. The anime started airing, and I 'd hope no one would tell me whatever they like about it, as well as the anime would be excellent and that I 'd be proven wrong. While the manga was not better in relation to the anime, it failed to be acceptable as a piece of work. And I have yet to be explained what merit are available here, besides the minuscule few positive points I've mentioned here. So, If you like read manga online so much, then give this story a go.

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