Coiling Dragon also knew as Enen no Shouboutai Manga, is the story that revolves around a childhood name Linely Baruch. This story could be described as his legacy, his beginning to his victory! The manhua is an adaption of the Chinese book called "Coiling Dragon", and not an excellent adaption. The start of the story is rushed fairly badly, an entire volume of the book is completed in about 10 or fewer chapters of manhua.

The first volume gave the story a strong base of how Linley grew up and his loved ones. This was more or less cut out of the collection! The Pacing overall of this manhua is short and dreadful filler scenes have been added that add very little to the narrative. I remember one noticed that is misleading and diverges in the source material badly. I'm ahead of myself though, the subsequent school life or literally "Growing Up" volume isn't rushed as it's produced over dramatic with no feeling of progression. In the novel, he makes it clear he would like to become strong once possible and cares about little else, in the manhua I felt it was an afterthought.
Later on, Linely's first girlfriend that breaks his heart it literally two chapters at most. They are supposed to go on a few dates over a year and meet up each month, until her "betrayal". That's totally skipped, and it was very important and one of Linel's scaring in moments in his early age before he matures. After the revenge arc comes, they make Linel out to be nice and still somewhat forgiving. In the novel, he is the most ruthless he ever was and blood thirsty.He has a maid killed because she enters him room w/o permission, he's seething with anger.
Following his revenge, we entered his training arc that was awful. The profound laws and the greater level of understanding are almost entirely ignored. They are literally the endgame of the story, after volume 8 they become the middle of training and the only way to advance strength. In the manhua, they outright ignore them, like they weren't considering adopting nearly all the story. Instead, the manhua constantly sped up at the part of the story to dodge all of it.
And Bebe, one of the main characters, is gray rather than pitch black. Linley's monster form is Azure as opposed to black and demonic. Which is a massive plot hole, I must include. The heart was made by a human at some parts that are also a significant plot hole that should have been addressed.

The gravest and worst portion of the art, however, was making grandpa doing a female in the adoption. He's supposed to be an old man, the saint who has to soften after being sealed for 5k decades. He treats Linely as he would his own grandson, he plays the part as his teacher becomes his main influence throughout the whole story. This was likely the worse mistake of the full adoption, I add this manga online in art because a sexy female likely fits into the story better than an old man, It wouldn't affect the plot majorly unless u released how much a father figure he acted as.
Characters which were strong or could rapidly advance like Linely stayed relevant while the character who couldn't just drift into irrelevance. That was a terrific part of the novel, keeping with what was important and not the bullshit characters from 5 volumes ago. Can't deny he was an angsty fucker for awhile though, before he grew up.
The series has to much detail for a manhua. I feel, perhaps it might make a high budget anime, I wouldn't suggest watching it, however, it's good in a sense. However, the manga is just leagued better. 

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